Gift Shop Woking

Ashtead Park Garden Centre - Gift ShopFor a gift shop near Woking that offers some of the most unique items to surprise a loved one with, the Ashtead Park Garden Centre’s gift shop is a must-visit place. We constantly keep updating our inventory, so that each time you visit, you’ll be surprised by a different set of gift items on our shelves.


A glimpse into the offerings at our gift shop near Woking

Our gifts include:

  • Cards
  • Gift Items
  • House Plants
  • Kitchenware
  • Partyware
  • And more!

Additionally, you can also get an appealing gift wrap to pack up those presents in! Just visit our gift shop near Woking and browse through the extensive inventory!


Why choose our gift shop near Woking?

Here at Ashtead Park Garden Centre, we are fully committed to providing our customers the best service. We truly enjoy the little moments when our customers find a cute little Jellybean where they go “Awww” or a cheeky sign that they can laugh at and list the names of the people who might enjoy that joke. These moments are what make our gift shop near Woking such a lively place to be. We welcome all our guests with open arms and stock up the aisles with the most adorable, gorgeous and fun gift items that we can find.  Additionally, you could visit our florist section to complement your gift with some flowers.


Our gift shop near Woking offers bundles of choices

No matter what your need, you’ll always get something you’ve been looking for:


We have cards for children, for adults, for the ones celebrating anniversaries and birthdays, and those who need a little cheering up when they’re down with the flu.  

Children’s Gifts

From a huge selection of Jelly Cats and themed lunch boxes and pouches to do-it-yourself kits and interactive books, you can find something for that special kid in your life.  

Gift Card and Vouchers

If you’re out of ideas, how about gifting them with a gift voucher so that they can spend on whatever they like! Our gift vouchers are available for any amount between £10 and £250.

Gift Items

Browse for candles, frames, scarves, gifts for moms and dads, mugs, ceramic and glass decorations and more!  


We have rustic, blue and grey themed sets that you can choose. We keep updating this category so you can find a new vase or a bowl every time you visit.

House Plants

House plants make a great gift item! Check our garden shop for the availability of plants—we change them as per the season. Usually, you can find a nice colourful range of orchids, cacti, ferns, hydrangeas, and gardenias.


We have a unique collection of jewellery that you might like to wrap up and send to your favourite person.


For those who love cooking/baking, we have a variety of colourful and practical sets of kitchenware that may come in handy on your culinary quests!


You can never go wrong with partywear. If you know someone who loves being a host, or if you’re hosting one yourself, our selection of party glasses, bowls, decor and more would be great to check out.


For someone who takes good care of themselves, quality skincare products would be a great gift. We house Beefayre, HTA, and Bronnley skincare products, so you can be sure to get the best products.

Of course, we stock much more besides gifts and flowers, visit our product range for more details. We’re looking forward to your visit!