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Ashtead Park Garden Centre - Plants near Croydon“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

Looking for plants near Croydon? Ashtead Park Garden Centre has some that you may need. We have been servicing the area since the ‘60s, and know which plants fit the climate of the area and are perfect to plant in the garden or use as house plants. We have a widespread inventory in flowering plants, house plants, trees and shrubs. Once you’re here, you’ll definitely find something you’d love to see in your home or garden.


Ashtead Park Garden Centre near Croydon — our plants

  • Annuals: These seasonal bloomers are a sight to behold when they flower once a year in an array of colours.  Whether you need hardy annuals, like Ammi Majus, Love-in-a-Mist, and Ladybird Poppies, etc., or half-hardy annuals, including Cosmos Purity, Nemesia, and Swan River Daisies, etc., we have them all at Ashtead Park Garden Centre.
  • Climbers: Climbers are ambitious plants that like to take over everything in their path, including walls and furniture. So, you have to be careful with where you let you go. Garden owners often guide their climbers with ropes and trellis. We have a wide range of climbers, including annuals, edibles, and grapevines. Some of our most popular climbers are Clematis, Wisteria, Star Jasmine, Honeysuckle, and Passionflower.
  • Container plants: Container plants are convenient and perfect when you need to install plants quickly. If you want to renovate, shifting them around or getting new ones is not a problem either. You can pot these in similar containers to give your home decor a facelift with a theme and even grow your vegetables and fruits if you can get your hands on deep containers.
  • Fruits, herbs and vegetables: Using home-grown fruits, herbs and vegetables in your dishes is not only healthy; it also invites praises from guests. Check out our inventory for peas, potatoes, runner beans, thyme, sage, mint, chives, borage, berries, redcurrant, rhubarb, apple trees and vines.
  • House plants: Your garden is not the only place to show your love for all things green. Bring in house plants that liven up your interior decor and even bring the right kind of fresh look to your office aesthetics. Our range of house plants is vast and contains succulents, cacti, and many more.
  • Perennials: Have your summers and springs bloom in a flurry of gorgeous flowers with our perennials. They plant easy, grow fast, and are among the most generous of plants when it comes to giving flowers. We have a great stock in our inventory that you should definitely browse through. With focus on something for every season, our range of perennials has actually grown very large, but the most popular among them are the Primulas, the Begonias, and the Osteopermums.
  • Roses: Roses are nature’s show-stoppers. And we have a huge selection of these! From ground cover to climbers and from wild roses to shrub roses, you can find a species for which you can find a place in your garden—and heart.


Choosing Plants near Croydon

When you’re looking for plants near Croydon, you’ll find that climate is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind so that you can take better care of them as per their needs. If you’re having trouble finding the right fit, our experts at the Ashtead Park Garden Centre will be happy to help. We can guide you in the right direction with unbiased advice. Meet our team!

For more details on plants near Croydon, please visit us and browse through the recent inventory today!