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 Whether you are looking for a specific plant, ideas and inspiration, the tools for the job, or even a beautiful and unusual gift, we can help. We offer a huge range of quality plants and products for your garden, many of them just a bit different or special - like us (we are independent)!

The Olive Tree

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Spring bulbs

Start afresh! Crocuses, snowdrops, narcissi, tulips...great choice

In the Garden; Spruce up the Lawn!

With spring now tangible in the air it's a good time to give the lawn a once over before the lawn mower makes its return in a few short weeks. If your lawn is laid on heavy soil aerate using a border fork to allow excess water to drain. If the ground is compacted it may be worth investing a in hollow tine aerator to remove thin cores of soil. It's also a good time to add a sharp sand top dressing to heavy wet soils and loam or organic matter to light porous ones. Another essential lawn job is to work over with a spring-box or lawn rake vigorously removing all the dead thatch and moss. If this leaves the lawn very patchy an application of lawn seed will be beneficial and can be carried out towards the end of the month. Towards the last weeks of February apply a lawn sand to control daisies and over lawn weeds if you are looking for a perfect sward. ;