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 Whether you are looking for a specific plant, ideas and inspiration, the tools for the job, or even a beautiful and unusual gift, we can help. We offer a huge range of quality plants and products for your garden, many of them just a bit different or special - like us (we are independent)!

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The Olive Tree

Enjoy coffee, cake, lunch or Afternoon Tea with us.

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Bare root wall flowers!

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1 scone, 1 pot of jam, 1 Roddas clotted cream & pot of tea


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Greenhouses should be insulated using plastic bubble wrap (usually sold in garden centres on rolls, and quite cheaply). It will cut down heating bills without blocking too much light. Most importantly it can help prevent freezing conditions in an unheated greenhouse.

Growing grapevines

Of all the fruit you can grow in the garden, a grapevine is among the most productive and beautiful. All you need is a sunny wall, fence or pergola for it to scramble up and it'll cheerfully cover the whole thing with big elegant leaves turning brilliant colours in autumn, and of course fat clus…

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