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Whether you are looking for a specific plant, ideas and inspiration, the tools for the job, or even a beautiful and unusual gift, we can help. We offer a huge range of quality plants and products for your garden, many of them just a bit different or special - like us (we are independent)!

Go large!

Beautiful new range of specimen plants - perfect to fill a gap!

Autumn cyclamen

3 for £5

The Olive Tree

Relax and enjoy tasty treats and delicious meals in The Olive Tree.

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Pack Bedding

4 for £12 on 6-pack bedding

Valid until 29 November 2019

2 for £50 or £29.99 each

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Valid until 4 November 2019

2 for £20

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Valid until 31 October 2019
From £ 12.99
£ 9.99
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Turn bedding into houseplants

Turn your bedding plants into houseplants for a real winter full of indoor colour. Move geraniums, petunias and Impatiens into fresh pots of compost and trim them back by about a third, removing any dead flowers and foliage. They'll bounce back to produce new shoots and flowers on your windowsill.

Year-round clematis

Clematis win a place in the heart of every gardener for their breathtaking flower displays as they scramble becomingly up fences and over trellises. Most varieties are very well-behaved and just need a little tucking in to their supports every so often and an annual prune to keep them performing…

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