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 Whether you are looking for a specific plant, ideas and inspiration, the tools for the job, or even a beautiful and unusual gift, we can help. We offer a huge range of quality plants and products for your garden, many of them just a bit different or special - like us (we are independent)!

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The Olive Tree

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Pond life

If you have a wildlife pond make sure you have some kind of apparatus to help wildlife such as hedgehogs, froglets and mice, if they fall into the pond and can't get out. Logs are good for this as is long grass hanging into the water.

Sowing and growing annual herbs

Big pots of leafy, flavoursome and generous annual herbs sat just outside the back door where you can reach out and pick them for your cooking are one of the delights of your Surrey kitchen garden. When you grow your own, you can have as big a bunch of parsley as you want: and even better…

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