Real Christmas Trees

You can't beat a real Christmas tree for unique character and festive scent!

Our real cut trees are in stock now. Potted trees also available now.

Excellent quality, top-grade trees

No price increases on 2020 prices

Our 'hanging forest' makes it easy to see a variety of trees and select your favourite!

Ticketing system to make buying your tree easier!

All our cut Christmas trees are sustainably grown.

New this year - Noble Firs

When you find the perfect tree, we'll re-net ready for you to take home.

FREE delivery - on any tree over £30 within 3 miles.

Once our tree have been delivered, if you are not able to come in, please email us on [email protected] with your requirements and we'll select a tree on your behalf for delivery.

Please note we can only take pre-orders for large trees for venues.

Fresh cut real Christmas trees

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Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana)

The king of Christmas trees! Excellent needle-retention, soft, glossy needles and a wonderful shape.

125cm-150cm. (3ft - 4ft)












£149.99   SOLD OUT





Noble Fir (Abies procera/Abies nobilis)

New to Ashtead Park! UK grown!

High needle retention, soft, greeny-blue foliage and strong branches - excellent for supporting decorations - make this a perfect family tree.

A superb alternative to the traditional Nordmann. Stand out when the neighbours visit!

Grown in Drynie Woodlands near Inverness in Scotland.



150cm-180cm (4ft to 6ft)











Nordmann Pot Grown Real Christmas Tree

Free red pot cover


100cm-125cm (3.5ft to 4ft)


125cm-150cm (4ft to 5ft)



All our pot grown Christmas trees come with a free red cover pot (without drainage holes) for a festive feel.


Message from our growers:

Detailed studies carried out in Denmark have calculated that 12 tonnes of CO2 are absorbed by 1 Ha of Christmas trees each year. In Inverness alone we are currently growing 1000 Ha of trees!

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