Campanula choices

Campanula choices

There are lots of reasons to love Campanula/Bellflowers:

  • Easy to grow!
  • Lots of flowers and long-flowering
  • Gorgeous shades of white and blue/purple
  • Loved by pollinators

In stock now:

Campanula Spring bell – perennial, semi-evergreen, masses of flowers over a long period in summer, clump-forming and compact.

Campanula poscharskyana - matt-forming perennial, will grow in crevices, star-shaped flowers. Great for ground-cover and rockeries in sun or shade.

Campanula Takion Blue – tall perennial perfect for the back of borders (up to 50cm tall). Large flowers. Cut dead stems to base before winter. Self-seeds.

Campanula Viking - Upright stems of large, trumpet-shaped, lightly fragrant flowers. Perennial and clump-forming.