Ward off Wasps!

Waspinator - A Scarecrow for Wasps!

Wasps are very territorial, they know to keep well away from the nest of another colony. If a foraging wasp gets too close to another nest, the nest’s defenders will attack and kill it.

A Waspinator is a visual wasp repellant that looks like an existing nest and utilises wasps’ territorial nature to scare them away.Hang it over the garden table, or from a tree, by the BBQ or by the bins. Use it in the garden, on picnics or even at the beach.

Queen wasps come out of hibernation when the weather starts to warm up. If they see a waspinator they will build their new nest elsewhere. Foraging wasps also remember where a waspinator is, so early season wasps will instinctively stay away too. Leave your waspinator in position all season to gain maximum protection.

No chemicals – no maintenance – no traps – no mess – no dead wasps