Top 10 scented plants

Top 10 scented plants

Find out our top 10 scented plants and enjoy the spread of natural scent in your garden. We have a wonderful range of plants with a nice fragrance. Fill your garden with scented plants and your garden will not only look fantastic but also smell fantastic! 

1. Honeysuckle

The sweet fragrance of Honeysuckle brings a heady scent to the garden. Not just beautiful with flowers varying from white to cream and salmon pink but also a wonderful climber, ideal for pergolas and archways. It’s especially good where you might be able to sit near or walk by to fully appreciate it, along with the many beneficial insects that it will attract. 

2. Lemon Balm

One of the most fragrant of herbs and great in a cooling glass of water to refresh you on a hot day in the garden. Lemon Balm is very easy to grow and ideally in pots or contained well, as it is similar to Mint with respect to taking over. Lemon Balm can be used to calm and ease anxiety as well. 

3. Nicotiana

A wonderful annual for beds and borders and highly fragrant in the evening time. Protect seedlings and young growth from slugs and snails, otherwise, they are really easy to grow. A variety of colours from lime green to white, pink and red. You will even find some moths are attracted and will put on quite a display at night. 

4. Lilac Bush 

The stunning Lilac gives out an incredible late spring fragrance with pretty flowers, perfect for using in baking or sprinkled on flowers. Often used for hedging, they just need pruning after flowering and watering when first planting.

5. Daphne

The sight and smell of Daphne is a staple late winter/early spring plant for the garden. The clusters of pinkish flowers can be smelt quite far away so they are great for entrances, driveways and anywhere you walk by to breathe in the beauty. 

6. Eucalyptus

Not just for bouquets of flowers! Eucalyptus looks great in the garden, especially in pots. Trim the stems and hang up in your home. Not only smells great but even helps medicinally as well. 

7. Gardenia

The pretty white flowers of Gardenia are unmistakable not just for their beauty but for their gorgeous fragrance. They grow well in containers when planted in ericaceous compost and if you stand your container by the front door, it will be an entrance full of perfume. 

8. Sweet Box

A welcome sign in late winter, as the flowers dangle from long stems with glossy foliage. But it is the fragrance that will really hit you. The wonderful sweet fragrance that is a sign of the garden coming alive again for the seasons ahead, is most welcome. 

9. Rose

The classic fragrant garden plant! With the many many varieties available there is a rose for everyone. From the intoxicating ‘Etoile de Hollande’ to the delicate and well-known fragrance of ‘Gertrude Jeykll’.

10. Stocks

The cottage garden favourite, Stocks are incredibly fragrant with pretty flowers and full of colour. Equally, they look perfect in a bunch of flowers as they do in pots. 

Get sowing your seeds, nurturing plug plants and fill your garden with fragrance from our range of seeds and plants in store.