Christmas trees

There's nothing to put you in the mood for Christmas quite like going to the garden centre on a chilly day to pick out a real Christmas tree, then bringing it home to fill the house with the scent of pinewoods in December.

From the end of November there are lots of trees to choose from in our Surrey garden centre, so make sure you get the one that's right for you. Here are our favourite varieties:

Premium Nordman Fir: one of the best for holding onto its soft, rounded needles (low-drop Christmas tree), tends to be wider.

Noble Fir: classic shape with a beautiful blue/green colour. Symmetrical with strong branches for decorating, good needle retention.

We stock a big selection of cut trees ranging in size from 4ft to 10ft and a smaller range of pot grown trees from 3.5ft-5ft tall which should last well.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Surrey for more information and advice about choosing your Christmas tree. We are happy to open netting and can suggest trees to meet your requirements.

Noble Fir  Premium Non-drop Nordmann  




A selection of Christmas trees

  • Decorated Premium Nordmann Fir

  • Premium Nordmann Fir